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Written on December 24, 2019   By   in Auto & Motor

What You Need To Know About Police Brutality.

As a public speaker you will be required to give a speech on a number of issues and social issue can never pass by, therefore take your time before you start speaking to research on certain topics so that you can deliver a researched talk that will make people appreciate.

Police brutality is one topic that every public speaker needs to have familiarize themselves with since this happen on a daily basis, the agents who are responsible to deliver and maintain law and order sometimes will cross the border and this creates tension and fights.

Police brutality is experienced when you have the police officer is using extra force and brutality that what is stipulated in their principles and therefore endangering the lives of the public, they are suppose to make the public feel safe and if they somehow will be too much there are some things that you will need to do.

Police misconduct are the activities which are done by the police officer like witness tampering, false imprisonment and spoiling the evidence, this kind of misconduct is shocking especially when it is coming from a law officer and this is termed as police misconduct.

The most common way a police will be brutal is through physical and will use unnecessary force in a situation and this is the easiest which one can witness and report by use of pepper sprays, batons and teasers.

Police brutality and harassment is also experienced in other forms like verbal abuse, false arrests, sexual abuse, police discrimination, psychological intimidation, police corruption and political repression.

Some form of police brutality are very hard to prove and according to the Journal of policing and the Society, the law enforcers are hard to report when these incidences happen and this is the code of silence which is mostly done by the police and any kind of misconduct need to be reported in case it happens.

For many years people have been recording and complaining of the police brutality and the American Press found out the term has been used since 1872 when in the Chicago Tribune someone reported to have been brutally beaten by the police and then arrested, but this term has been the order of the day in the 19th century.

As technology improves and continues , the police brutality is being reported more, smart phones have played a major role in recording and airing these brutalities and this has helped to prove that it was in fact police harassment, the media is also in the forefront in reporting the police brutalities more and this is helping to reach a large audience.