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Guidelines for Creating the Right Office Space that Improves Productivity

According to statics that was conducted, employees are only productive 60% in a full working day and at times even less. The reason for some employees not fully delivering and being productive is because they are distracted at their workplaces. Some of these employees include use of the internet, phones, chatty co-workers and all these leads to many more employees being less connected to their work. Different control measures can be used by the employer in order to prevent the employees from being distracted.
The following are some of the essential tips that can help you to improve on your office space layout so that you can encourage your employees to be more productive.
Start the improvement process by changing the color of your office space. Using the right colors to paint your office space has an impact on the way your employees feel about their working spaces, and remember this is where your employees spend most of their lives and therefore choose the right colors that can motivate your employees. Some of the best options for office colors include red, blue and green. Some people decide to use white color for their office walls.
Encourage teamwork by creating the right office spaces for your employees. Decide on the most suitable working spaces between the closed and the open space. When businesses use closed office spaces, like the cubicles, this is one way of boosting independence and avoiding the outside distractions, but on the other hand, use of cubicles boosts isolation, and they are identical to the conventional office layout that prevents teamwork, and therefore you have to decide based on your employees’ needs and work etiquette. However in most cases the open offices are getting more trendy, this is because the open spaces boost teamwork and create a fun working environment for your employees, they are happier working in the open spaces rather than being enclosed in the cubicle offices where they are alone.
When you are the boss avoid sitting in isolation the whole day in your big office, instead sit with your workers, so that they can get to know you better, this encourages transparency, then as the overall boss you can see how your employees work and how they interact with one another, the employees will see you as a member of a big team, and this promotes openness and improved productivity for your business.
Increase the natural lighting in your office. When you add the amount of natural light getting in your office, this helps in improving the employees’ wellness and health. Some of the ways that employers can increase the natural lighting in the office is removing blinds when you have many windows so that you can let in the sunlight.